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Presentation Spanish Department

New Spanish Courses start in September and in February. All the procedure information will be published the previous weeks of each term. Please check INFORMATION FOR NEW COURSES.

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The Spanish Department of the Escola Oficial d' Idiomes de la Vall d'Hebron (EOI) of Barcelona is the second important Spanish department in Catalunya. The Spanish Department was founded in 1994 and the size of the student body has grown ever year since its inception. Today, the Department has a staff of three full-time teachers and an average of 360 students per year. (180 students per term). The department offers six levels that are divided into three cycles. The courses follow the curriculum of the EOI.

First cycle: Basic, A1 and A2

Second cycle: Intermedate, B1 and B2 ( B2.1 and B2.2)


Third cycle: Advanced, C1 ( Registration and begining 2nd term , January - June 2024

At the end of the final level of each cycle (i.e. 2nd, 3rd, 5th and 6th levels) there is an exam which leads to the Oficial Certificates, the official diploma of The Escola Oficial d' Idiomes.

The Spanish Department offers six levels. (C1 , starting in January 2022)

The courses are semi-intensive; in other words, the courses meet daily for two and a half hours. The courses are offered twice a year. The first course begins in October and finishes in January, and the second course begins in February and finishes in June. Each course lasts 4 months with approximately 130 hours of class. The courses are only offered in the morning.

The methodology used is based on a communicative competence model. The objective of the courses is to teach students to be able to communcate (speaking and writting).

In the different levels, four skill areas are focused on so students can understand and produce written texts and oral discourse:

· Oral comprehension: understand what you hear
· Written comprehension: understand what you read
· Oral expression: verbal communication
· Written expression: the ability to write

Grammar is incorporated in each of the above areas and is presented as an instrument to aid communication. Likewise, mediation has been incorporated as part of learning and adaptation to the communicative situation and as a social and cultural process of communication and cooperation.

In order to improve the learning process the department gives priority to the necessities and the motivations of the students, always striving to put at the reach of the students the tools needed for self-learning. Other course objectives include making the students aware of their own learning processes and incorporating socio-cultural and intercultural awareness.

The Spanish Department also offers students the use of the school's library , where various material (books, reference dictionaries, videos),  are made available so students may continue their studies outside of class.

The Spanish Department also has agreements with the University of Barcelona and collaborates with UB by supervising the practice teaching sessions of UB's students who are studying to become teachers of Spanish as a Foreign Language.

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