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Certificates levels


The Spanish Department offers five (5) levels of Study

Level 1 - Complete beginners with no previous knowledge of Spanish. A1

Level 2 - False beginners. Students who have some knowledge of the language and are capable of surviving to a limited degree in the language on a daily basis. A2

Level 3 - Intermediate Level B1

Level 4 - Introduction to an advanced level B1+

Level 5 - Advanced level B2

Classes are given in the morning and at different hours.

The levels comprise the two stages of the framework of the EOI. The following are descriptions the final objectives for each stage.


Certificado Básico Basic Certificate (upon successful completion of Level 2).

Certificado Intermedio, Intermedate Certificate (upon successful completion of Level 3).

Certificado Avanzado, Advanced Certificate (upon successful completion of Level 5).

For levels 1 and 4 an evaluative grade is given at the end of the course.


To be  determined


If you are not an officially registered EOI student, you must register for the exam at the end of January. Fr information concerning the exact dates of the exam and the cost, call 93 418-6833 beginning January 15th

Open exam dates for students who are not officially registered EOI students and wish to take the exam in June are the same dates as for officially registered students. The exact date and time of the oral exam will be communicated to each examinee by letter or on the day of the written exam.

The department offers five (5) levels of classes

  1. The first level is oriented to beginner students, those who have the first contact with the language
  2. The second level is oriented to false beginners. Those who have been in contact with the language and have a survival level and are able to communicate in daily situations.
  3. The third level is an intermedate level
  4. The fourth level is an introduction to the advance level
  5. The fifth level is oriented to those students who have achieved a good level in the use of the language and want to reach an advance level

Classes take place only in the morning with several timetables.

The levels described above are included in the two parts of the Educational Curricula of the Escuelas Oficiales de Idiomas. Here you will find included the goals to be reached at the end of the levels

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