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Activitats Culturals

CURS 2021-22:







I am hilarious! (clowns)



It covers:

The funniest thing in the world – what it is and how to use it in daily life.

The revelations of recent scientific studies about using self-deprecating humour, and its effects on our brains and emotions.

The essential "laugh at yourself" techniques that clowns use to accept their own ridiculousness.

The discoveries of my 30 years research into clowns and clowning.

Caroline Drain


Who Wants to Be a Millionaire?




We’ll have a quick look at some of the best books written on how to become rich. From outrageous advice to very sensible tips on how to earn, save and invest, and ultimately achieve financial FREEDOM!!!

Óscar Ramirez


Father Christmas


Performance d’uns minuts a cada classe amb interacció amb l’alumnat caracteritzat com Father Christmas. Interacció amb l’alumnat adaptant del nivell sobre qüestions culturals dels nadals.

Michael De Grande

Tots els nivells

Scotland - Land of Tales and Legends


With the help of a PowerPoint slideshow we take a look at Scotland, its geography, politics, language and culture. After that we’ll go over some important words to help with comprehension of the stories.

Then you’ll be able to enter a magical world of stories and legends, where seals can turn into people, Fairies come out from under the hills and a famous Scottish king learns an important lesson from a little spider.

Sara Carline


Emotional Intelligence: How to improve your work, family and social life.




This insightful talk will help your students identify and manage their emotions. In a world dominated by disruptive technology, developing sound emotional strategies becomes a must. This talk is offered by Monica Krüger. She’s English, has a BA in English and a postgrad in Emotional Intelligence Education.

Mònica Krüger


A Tough Nut to Crack: Puzzling Mysteries and Mysterious Puzzles





From the origins of the universe to the Bermuda Triangle, mysteries have always existed. This talk will look at some of these puzzling mysteries and their depiction in literature, TV, and film. Students will also be challenged to think outside of the box as they work collaboratively to solve surprising riddles.

Carrie Mittleman


Be the Change you Want to be

(National Geographic Learning)




‘Our planet is in crisis and the need for action from everyone is clear. But how much impact can one person have? Join this talk to see how making small adjustments to lifestyle can bring about real change’.

You can join both days if you wish and you can do this in class or the students can join from home.

Charlotte Ellis


London’s Culture


A show for beginners which explores the history of London, some of the city´s emblematic buildings and both traditional and modern London songs and stories.  The show includes live music, karaoke and a quiz, with plenty of visual aids to help with comprehension.

Kirsten Tinkler



CURS 2020-21:

Per al curs 2020-21 es van plantejar les activitats culturals per adaptar-se a les mesures preventives referents a la situació de pandèmia:

  • No fer activitats on la distància interpersonal i el no-contacte no es pugui respectar. Això implica no fer activitats de dansa, preparació d’aliments i de moviment (activitats típicament de nivells bàsic i intermedi).
  • No convocar a més de dos grups sencers a la sala d’actes (hi ha una capacitat per 58 cadires).


Com a conseqüència de les condicions esmentades, es van oferir les següents activitats culturals per als nivells B2-C2 (4rt-C2):

  1. Mindfulness Training for Stress Reduction (Amanda Dawn Blackley)
  2. Father Christmas (all levels)
  3. Oxford Talk
  4. Dream a Little Dream (storytelling-play)
  5. English and Artificial Intelligence: One algorithm to rule them all


Possibles activitats segons disponibilitat:

  • Jocular Theatre: God of Carnage (postponed until further notice)
  • MACBA / CaixaForum (American Dream)

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